Quality Renovations

Here at Axioma we pride ourselves on quality throughout all of our projects, from the initial planning stages to the final execution. We believe that complete renovations well done, benefit both the Client and ourselves.

Client Orientation

We will work alongside you throughout the works process, adapting the renovation to your taste and individual needs, so that the end result is just as you hoped for.  For us as professionals, there is nothing more satisfying than a happy Client.


We are happy to provide you with any kind of no-obligation budget or quote for our complete renovations.  We prepare professional detailed budgets with breakdowns so that you can analyse each section separately.  We will happily go through and study all costings with you at no expense.

Project and Execution

We believe that for all complete renovations, correct planning saves time and money for the Client.  Because of this we take extra special care in the pre-planning stages and the coordination of all professionals involved in the execution.  We will provide a works contract and a payment calendar.

At Axioma we have extensive experience in the Retail sector.  We carry out projects designed by other professionals or we design the spaces and corporate image ourselves, whichever suits the Client.

An exiting touch to your design

Our complete renovations come with an added advantage for the Client: the design. Our team comprises interior designers and architects that will give your project that special touch which others lack.  This is thanks to the importance we give to both execution and aesthetics.

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